Acworth: The Lake City at the Foothills of the North Georgia Mountains

Acworth is one of the most scenic cities in the Atlanta Metro Area. It sits at the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, and sports two beautiful lakes, Lake Acworth and Lake Allatoona. It’s also a deeply-historic region and home to some of the area’s best shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Acworth is a community that enjoys a wonderful diversity among a variety of different ethnicities and ages. It’s popular with everyone from families with small children to retirees, and its affordable housing makes it one of the best places to live for those commuting to nearby Atlanta. The most popular home styles in Acworth are the ranch and craftsman styles.

Home Ownership vs Renting in Acworth

Acworth’s population has a higher number of homeowners than renters. In fact, 62 percent of people own their homes here, compared to 38 percent who choose to rent. One reason for the abundance of homeowners is the fact that Acworth has very affordable housing.

The median home value in the city is $164,000, which is over $20K less than the national average ($184,700). The average rent, on the other hand, is slightly-higher in Acworth than it is nationally at $1,101 compared to $949.

Transportation and Commuting in Acworth

Commuting in Acworth is done primarily through automobile because the city isn’t served by the region’s MARTA public transportation system. This is also the case because several major highways run through the city, including State Route 92, Interstate 75, and the new Highway 41. In the southern part of the Acworth, the newly-built Seven Hills Connector joins the city to several major destinations in Paulding County.

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Demographics in Acworth

Acworth enjoys a very diverse population with whites (57 percent), African-Americans (27 percent), and Hispanics (10 percent) making up the largest groups, but there are also growing communities of Asians and people of two-or-more races adding their customs, flavors, and traditions into the mix. Females outnumber males in Acworth by 2 percent and 33 percent of adults have earned their bachelor’s degree or higher.

Age groups are equally as diverse with Acworth having a population that’s  evenly-dispersed among the generations. Adults aged 25 to 34 are the most populous group, accounting for 16 percent of Acworth’s population. They are followed by adults aged 35 to 44 (15 percent) and children under the age of 10 (14 percent).

The median household income in Acworth is slightly-higher than the national average, $59,574 to $55,322, but 35 percent of households earn $75K or higher. The median individual income is $31,485, also slightly higher than the national average of $27,419. Acworth’s unemployment rate is currently 6.6 percent, whereas the national average is 3.8 percent.

Restaurants/Social Scene in Acworth

Acworth has an eclectic culinary scene where you have access to virtually any type of food you’re craving. You’ll find authentic Creole and Cajun food at Henry’s Louisiana Grill and some of the best seafood at Fish Thyme. Reveille Café is said to have the best breakfast in town and at JD’s Bar-B-Que, you’ll enjoy the genuine taste of down-home southern barbeque.

Speaking of southern cooking, nobody does it better than Daddy’s Country Kitchen, where everything is home-made, while Nibbles Grill has been serving some of the best American food in Acworth for over 20 years.

Acworth also has a great variety of nightlife options for those who like to get out and have a good time after the sun goes down. Club Rio is one of the hottest dance clubs around, while at Jordan’s Lounge in Marietta, you’ll find everything from dancing and singing to hookah and an inventive cocktail menu.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a traditional watering hole with good bar food, try Sixes Tavern in Cartersville or Center Street Tavern. Acworth even has a fabulous wine bar/tapas bar at BRIX on Main. Whatever you’re in the mood for, don’t worry, you’ll find it in or around Acworth.

Arts & Culture in Acworth

Acworth is a city with a lot of things to experience. It has a lively arts scene with it being home to the Acworth Arts Alliance and the Acworth Cultural Arts Center (ACAC). It’s also a city that celebrates its rich history, with a historic downtown district that’s full of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Other noteworthy historical sites in Acworth include Cowan Farmstead, the Bethel AME Church, Liberty Hill Cemetery, and the Collins Avenue Historic District. Outdoor activities are also plentiful in Acworth with the area offering everything from golf to paddle-boarding. Or, you can just relax and catch some rays at Acworth Beach. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder why Acworth received the 2010 All-America City Award.

Senior Living in Acworth

Seniors aged 65 and older account for 10 percent of Acworth’s population. The city is popular among retirees because it enjoys a mild climate and it offers all the services older adults need to stay active and fit, mentally, physically and socially.

Acworth’s seniors are served by the North Cobb Senior Center, where they can partake in a wide range of programs and activities designed to help improve their lives in numerous ways. Ongoing programs include wood-carving, garden club, sewing, fitness classes, strength training, art classes and much more.

Local seniors also have access to excellent medical services because the community is served by WellStar Kennestone Hospital and WellStar Medical Group Surgical Specialists at Cobb. WellStar Windy Hill Hospital and the Cartersville Medical Center are also conveniently close to Acworth.

Living in Acworth enables you to enjoy being close to Atlanta without the expense. Acworth has affordable housing and a low cost of living that will help you get the most out of your dollar. And, with so much to see and do in this area, you’ll never be without an activity planned or have somewhere to visit if you’re more of the spontaneous type. In Acworth, you can believe the hype; it really is one of the best places to live in Cobb County.



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