Loganville: The City Where People Matter

Loganville is located mostly in Walton County, but parts of its city limits on the eastern side of the city extend into Gwinnett County. It was incorporated on January 1, 1887, after James Harvie Logan purchased the land that it sits on for just $150. Today, Loganville is a small, family-friendly suburb and a popular bedroom community for the city of Atlanta. It’s located just 32 miles east of Downtown Atlanta.

Home Ownership vs Renting in Loganville

Nearly three-fourths (74 percent) of the residents of Loganville own their homes, while the remaining 26 percent choose to rent. Housing is quite affordable in the city, with a median home value of $162,900, compared to the national average of $184,700. Renting in Loganville will cost you a little more than the national average ($949). By comparison, the median monthly rent in Loganville is $1,102. The most popular home styles here are the Victorian and craftsman.

Transportation and Commuting in Loganville

Loganville isn’t served by a public transportation system, so the most common way to get around is by car. There are several major highways running through the city, making commuting by car quick and efficient; these include U.S. Route 78, State Route 20, and Highway 81. Approximately 8.3 percent of Loganville workers carpool to work with other drivers.

Demographics in Loganville

Loganville’s population consists of 58 percent Whites, 24 percent African-Americans,  seven percent Hispanics, six percent Asians, five percent two or more races, and one percent other races. There are more females than males in Loganville, by 51 percent to 49 percent. Most adults in the city have attended at least some college and 24 percent have earned at least their bachelor’s degree.

Making up 17 percent of the population, seniors 65 and older are the largest age group, solidifying Loganville’s ability to provide for its retirees. Adults aged 35 to 44 make up the second-largest age segment at 15 percent. The fact that children under the age of 10 account for 13 percent and children from 10 to 17 another 14 percent shows that Loganville is just as popular with young families as it is with retirees. Overall, the median age for Loganville is 37.3 years old.

Loganville’s median individual income is $29,049, which is slightly higher than the national average of $27,419. The median household income in Loganville is also higher than the national average at $63,125 compared to $55,322. The Unemployment rate in Loganville is 4.6 percent, while the national rate is 3.8 percent.

Restaurants/Social Scene in Loganville

Loganville’s culinary scene is dominated by restaurants serving comfort food and good old-fashioned, down-home cooking. Some of the favorite eating establishments in and around the city include Journey’s End Restaurant, O’Shucks Seafood and Grill, Pamendis Italian Grill, and Foggy Bottom BBQ. Meanwhile, Cielo Blue Cantina is where you’ll find excellent Mexican food, Great Harvest Bread Co. is your go-to for incredible sandwiches, and Johnny’s New York Style Pizza is a particular favorite.

If you’re looking to dine out on a budget, Loganville has numerous options to choose from. There’s Athena’s Grill for affordable Mediterranean food, Cup and Saucer Diner for one of the best breakfasts around, and the nostalgic Miss Dot’s Diner & Sweet Shop, just to name a few.

Loganville and the surrounding area also provide plenty of nightlife options for those who like to go out after dark. It has live music venues, hookah lounges, wine bars with karaoke, and so much more. Plus, the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville is just a few miles north.

Arts & Culture in Loganville

Loganville offers an eclectic variety of things to do. If you love old hot rods and muscle cars, then a visit to Sparky’s Machines Auto Museum is a must. Corn Dawgs Corn Maze is a fun place to spend the day with the family, and if too much fun with the kids has you feeling anxious, drive a few miles to Snellville and re-center yourself at the Serenity Salt Cave & Healing Center.

During the summer, there’s nowhere tastier to be than Washington Strawberry Farm and there are dozens of parks within short driving distance, including Tribble Mill Park in Lawrenceville, Lenora Park in Snellville, Bay Creek Park, and more.

Image of band at Loganville Wing Fling.

Senior Living in Loganville

Loganville has a large senior population and it has several senior centers to provide them with all the services and activities they need to enjoy the best quality of life possible. Two of the best centers in town are the Walton Senior Center and the Loganville Senior Center. Both offer a wide variety of activities, classes, and programs designed to help keep local seniors active, socially engaged, and physically fit.

Loganville’s residents receive outstanding medical care and healthcare support through the Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Piedmont Healthcare in Rockdale, and Piedmont Walton.

Loganville is the perfect place to call home, no matter where you are professionally or personally. It’s ideal for people of all ages and it has the services and attractions necessary for living your best life. If you want to live close to Atlanta, but far away from the noise and traffic of the big city, then Loganville is a city to watch.





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